Nicholas is a Research Scientist in the lab of Karel Svoboda at the Janelia Research Campus, Ashburn VA, USA. He is interested in reverse engineering the neurobiological basis of intelligence by combining large-scale recordings of neuronal activity in behaving mice with detailed molecular profiling of the recorded neurons. He brings the necessary academic and research experience at the interface of biology, mathematics, and engineering to work towards this goal, developing novel technologies when needed.

He obtained his Bachelors Degree (2005-2008) and Masters Degree (2009) in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, UK, where he specialized in Analysis and Combinatorics. He then completed his PhD in Neuroscience as part of a joint graduate program between the University of Cambridge and the Janelia Research Campus (2009-2013). From 2013-2016 he perfromed post-doctoral work at Janelia with Karel Svoboda and Jeremy Freeman.